What I would Say to my 18-year-old self

My first post, and I am writing about what I would say to my 18-year old self! I know, it is kind of odd, but it is exactly what  need at the time. I mean, do you ever think back to your past and remember all of the things you were stressed and worried about? Now, you’re thinking to yourself, “What in the world was I so worried about?”


Well, friends, that’s me right now. I am 22 years old and going through an early 20s crisis. However, when I am 30, I know I am going to have the same feeling. Well, maybe.

So, here it goes.


“Hey, 18 years old Terrah! Well, you are currently in your first year of college and feeling as if graduation is so far away (mainly because you just started). You will get there Tee, soon enough. It’ll come before you know it, so, don’t rush it.

So far, your year has been crazy from the last semester of high school to the beginning of college and let’s face it; you’re confused. You feel lost. Frankly, you are feeling a little insecure.

That is ok. You are facing life without your family, and you’re able to stay out as long as you want. There are boys all around, and you are now allowed to get into clubs. You’re mind blown; I get it.


Don’t worry, though, you actually won’t do anything crazy. I (22 years old, Terrah) am shocked, but I am not at the same time. You’re you!

So, I am not sure which part of your 18th year you are in, but it is exciting.

The first semester, you go out a lot and have a lot of alcohol, for the first time. Parties are every weekend, and you still manage to go to class and pass freshman year.


Fun Fact: You briefly date a guy in the Air Force. He is 22 (at the time), and no you guys won’t work out. However, it is ok!

You have your ENTIRE life to stress out about boys. I am your 22 years old self, and I am still not to the point of my life where I am a relationship expert.

You can somewhat say, I reverted to how you were in summer ’12, and I am not too fond of relationships or commitment at the time. You have your whole life to think about guys.

So, do not rush it. You will have a long term boyfriend and college, and I encourage that relationship. It will be a great amazing experience.

Anywho, Terrah. Enjoy being 18! Do not take life too seriously right now. You are in your best year of college, and you have nothing to worry about. Stay true to who you are and know you will not figure out life as quickly as you think.

I love you, Terrah.”


I guess that’s what I would say to my old self. Honestly, I would say a lot more! However, who has that much time?

I got this idea from two bloggers, I truly admire: Kallie and Erica from Coming Up Roses.

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