Why I Became a Blogger

The second semester of senior year of college (2016), I was FaceTiming my best friend. We were literally talking for hours. Obviously, I asked her what she was doing, and she told me she decided to make a blog. Well, I was like oh I want one too. So that’s when imterrah.wordpress.com was founded. In my college apartment second semester of senior year, but at that time, I did not think I’d want to become a blogger.


I did not know what I wanted with it; it was just something to do. I remember my BFF’s first post was about the Kardashians and it was fantastic as well as entertaining. I somewhat worked on my blog off and on, but I was not serious about it. I did not have a plan nor did I know where I wanted to go with it or if I wanted to go anywhere with it.

Throughout 2016, I blogged off and on with no niche (although you don’t necessarily have to have a particular niche, I truly had no focus at all, but I didn’t think that mattered). Silly young me (even though it was a year ago). I blogged about politics, education, social injustice, love, and whatever was on my mind. I think I am great at discussing random topics and social injustice, but that’s just not where I want (I realized later this year) my blog going.


Now, why I became a (more serious) blogger is somewhat sad, but an encouraging story. I became really serious about blogging in March 2017, after my relationship ended. Honestly, it was one of the worst moments in my adult life. I was going through so much emotionally; I was not happy at all. Maybe, that will be something I will share with you some other time. I became a blogger because it was my escape. It was a place I can go to instead of sleeping my day away.

I started focusing on a layout, posting more, etc. Eventually, months later, because this did not all happen overnight, I started reading other bloggers post, following them on Instagram, taking their e-courses, reading their post about blog improvements, and SEO (literally everything). I started to find my voice finally. I began working hard and realizing I wanted to become a successful blogger (I want it to be my job).


Blogging for me is an outlet. I want to become a social media influencer who people can relate to. I can help others the way blogging helped me. Why I became a blogger, well I want to become a full-time blogger. Sharing my thoughts and opinions are extremely important to me; and being a positive influence for people like many bloggers are for me.

I want to become a social media influencer who people can relate to. I can help others the way blogging helped me. Click To Tweet

I hope I become successful with knowledge and (blogging has a lot to do with marketing) marketing. One day I’ll be able to help small businesses and organizations with their online marketing and social media appearance. One of my favorite bloggers and blogger inspirations Kallie, recently celebrated her 4 year anniversary as a blogger. You all may wonder, why I mention her frequently, well she has truly inspired and made me realize I want to do this. She is so positive and amazing with her followers.

I guess you can say; I became a blogger to help people. So far, I love it. Blogging is another social media platform (to an extent). I find more ways to love online marketing and the impact it has everyday. My other post has amazing content on social media and how beneficial it is to our world today.

What is your profession? Why did you choose it?




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