How to be a Woman Boss

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Nicki Minaj once said, “I’m a BOSS a** Bxtch.” And I want everyone to feel like they are a boss! I certainly try too. All the time. So, please feel like you are a woman boss as well! There are so many amazing entrepreneurs, influencers, and bosses throughout the world who are successful that many of us look up to. Whether they are a stay at home mom, stay at home wife, teacher, corporate worker, CEO, or anything; you can be a woman boss, especially since I am always learning to be one.

Let me share with you some of my absolute favorite women bosses, and we are going to start with an obvious pick, my momma! She is a G.O.A.T. (greatest of all time). She works hard and long, takes care of her family and is the best supporter I’ve ever encountered. I could write a novel about the awesomeness of my momma, but this post is not called how to be like my mom. It is called How to be a Boss. Specifically, a woman boss.

Woman Boss

Jackie Aina, Auntie Jackie as we all call her in the social media world is fantastic! I love her entire life! She has 2 million subscribers on Youtube, and I find her incredible. She keeps it real, and she is always on top of her business. My favorite part of Jackie is her honest truth of people of color in America and how many brands need to be inclusive of all shades and colors, including undertones! It is simply amazing to have a woman, a boss woman, of her caliber to speak on issues regarding POC and the beauty industry. Hey Auntie Jackie, we appreciate you!

Helene Sula, one of the most popular bloggers out there. And she is definitely a boss woman, and I have learned a ton from her. From her blog, Pinterest, Instagram, Blog Boss Babe, e-courses, e-books, and more she is always finding a way to be an educator. Her life seems terrific and ideal; she looks like she is living her best life and I am all here for it. Her traveling the world, posting blogs, excelling at social media, how does she do it all? She is a for sure a woman boss!


Now, I have only shown you a few women bosses, but that doesn’t mean those are the only bosses! Remember there are a ton, but at this moment, let’s talk about how to be a boss.

Woman Boss

How to be a Woman Boss:

Act like a Boss

Easier said than done? No, not really! If you develop the mindset of a boss, then your journey of becoming one is easier. Maybe you want to be a boss, but you have so much self-doubt that it is slightly hard for you or it feels impossible, it is ok, you can work on that! There is an article I found on Pinterest geared towards How To Overcome Self Doubt As A GirlBoss. I recommend reading it after reading this!

Acting like a boss is more of a mindset than anything else. It is truly incredible. You just have to feel it within truly.

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Be Confident in what You’re Saying

Always say things with confidence, that is beyond necessary, because if you do not believe in yourself and what you are saying; neither will anyone else. People can smell fear/lack of confidence, and they won’t believe in you if that is the case.

I hate to say this, but if you were not telling the complete truth and believed in what you were saying, people will believe you. I mean it, it has been proven in history for generations.

Work on your public speaking. It is beyond terrifying!

Become Knowledgeable and do Research

Being informed and having an education (which does not mean having to have had graduated college) but just have knowledge of particular topics. Whenever, having a conversation with someone, whether it is an event or casual conversation you want to be able to explain your point with the valid explanation and a factual explanation. That is why women bosses seem very knowledgeable because they conduct the proper research!

Remember knowledge is power.

Woman Boss

Become Organized

You may think obviously Terrah! Organization is essential, but I mean yes it indeed is. However, I am not talking about basic organization and when I say that, I mean, a tidy room and office area. Yes, that is important, but that is not the organization I am referring to.

You have to make sure your life is organized, and you are not doing things last minute. I mean I get life happens, but when you can have everything in order you should do so, most definitely!

This is not an ad, and I do not get anything for saying this, but you need a planner! I always had one, even after college, but I really started using it when I received my passion planner. It is the best planner I’ve ever had!

I love it because, yes it is a planner, but it is also goal oriented and that it was I need. It even has a roadmap to success built in. I genuinely thank them for that.

Planners help you with your to-do list what you need to get done, where you need to go, etc. So, I promise you; every woman boss has a calendar/planner that they use every day.

Planners help you with your to-do list what you need to get done, where you need to go, etc. So, I promise you; every woman boss has a calendar/planner that they use every day.. Click To Tweet

Now automation is your best friend I guarantee! Trust me, I am still trying to schedule and use automation on my blog posts for two weeks in advance, but I have not been able to do that yet. But, I will! And within the first quarter of the year, I promise!

I do want to explain to you why automation is what every woman boss does! If you are a blogger, you definitely (most likely) schedule your Pinterest post on Tailwind or Boardbooster. For every blogger automation is key and if you want to know more about Automation for Bloggers click here and read my guest post on Lady Boss Blogger!

woman boss

Reasons, why a woman boss uses automation, is because they are too busy to try and do EVERYTHING that is on their to-do list. Always try to automate, if you can, but remember…you still want to be authentic.

Check your email

A lot of people, especially young people, neglect their email. You need to respond and check your email because you never know what opportunity you may miss out on.

Plus that is the way businessmen and women (a woman boss) communicate with others. Also, remember you need to have a signature and not an immature signature like, “I love Chx Nuggets” or anything of that nature, but it should say your name, your business, and your contact information.

Below, you will find a screenshot of my signature.

Woman Boss

Spend Money Wisely

I know you may be wondering what is important about this or how is this necessary for a woman boss and how does a woman boss spend money…

Money makes the world go around. However, the most successful people responsibly use their money. I hate buying things, but I know there are some things I need to purchase to help my blog grow. For example, my subscription to Post Planner, Tailwind, Business Plan (for WordPress), courses and books.

Sometimes, you will have to make specific investments to grow and become a woman boss.

Sometimes, you will have to make specific investments to grow and become a woman boss. Click To Tweet

I have an article dedicated to saving money and spending money wisely. Click here!

So, I hope you guys enjoyed this post on how to become a woman boss! I’ve shared with you all the things I’ve learned, and I am continually learning to become the woman boss that I dream of being.

What are some of the boss things you all incorporate into your everyday life?

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