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My Favorites this Year (Including Wooden Watches)

“Hello Beautiful People,” I am honestly hoping you all read that in one of my favorite YouTubers voice, Patricia Bright. Today, I decided why not do something different with my friends, instead of the typical college, blog, or motivation post, let’s talk about some of my favorite things I discovered so far this year! These things I promise you’ll want to get for the Spring Season. We will be discussing APPS, luxury wooden watches, a photo editor, and more! So, put on your reading glasses and let’s talk about my amazing finds.

Wooden Watches

Ok, everyone. I discovered these awesome photo editing apps recently (well I already had FaceTune and VSCO). I am currently revamping my feed, and I love the direction it is going in. Especially the editing on my photos! However, when I say edit, I DO NOT MEAN filters. I stopped using filters, and now I just adjust the brightness and so on.

So, below are some of the editors that I use! (I am learning my theme and how to edit more and more every day) These are not only amazing tips for people trying to update their photos, but also for fellow bloggers for more blog information see more on the site.

Photo Editing App(s):


LightRoom is an App on your phone, and you can install it on your computer. My favorite way to use Lightroom is on my laptop.

A cool thing with Lightroom is you can save your own presets on there. So, if you are trying to keep a theme on Instagram or you want to have consistency on there you can always have access to your presets and edit everything the same.

I do pay for Lightroom. There are two different subscriptions. I pay $10 a month for my subscription. However, there is one that offers more if you pay more.


This is an app I did not know how I’d feel about it. And I like it. It helps me add detail and focus on my image.

It is free my friends!


I bought it a while ago, and I loved it. However, I learned how to use it for images. I feel FaceTune was a great investment. The way you can edit different photos in incredible! I love it, so give it a try.

It does cost, but it is a one time fee of (I think) $5.00.


I’ve had this APP forever, but I would always use it for filters and never really the edits. Now, I Do not use the filters, and I only use the edits. And it is my absolute favorite!

It is a free APP. However, there are some purchasing that can occur inside the APP.

Style is not my thing…ONLY because I really need to go shopping, but I am currently trying to save my money. So, everything is on the backburner, but I am trying to do better! So here are my faves so far.

Wooden Watches


High Waisted Pants

I basically only wear high waisted. I love the way it looks on my body especially my booty, and I feel it helps with my problem areas (like my tummy). You can dress up high waisted pants or dress them down. They’re truly superb.

Also, I love love love love working out with high waisted leggings. However, I don’t know a girl who doesn’t. It makes your shape look amazing! And you do not have to worry about anyone seeing your booty because while you’re squatting your pants is lowering.


I love sneakers! They’re my absolute favorite shoe. My favorite brands are the basics. However, I want more Adidas and I still crave the classic Rebook All White High Tops.

Sneakers are beyond comfy, and you could look nice in them if you dress them right.

Thick Heels

I cannot walk in thin high heels I swear, and I used to be able to when I was younger. Now, it is only thick heels, which is ok, because I kinda like the style of those more than the regular thin heel.

Now, let’s talk accessories! I don’t wear that many just earrings, a ring or two, and a watch. But they are my necessities.


Jord Wooden Watches

It is a company I found out about this year! They are a unique brand who have incredible wooden watches.

Luxury Wooden Watch

I personally never knew about wooden watches until I came across this brand. The different types of watches are literally incredible for men and women. So, it is definitely a must-have and let’s be honest not everyone has wooden watches.

Jord will be the perfect gift for an anniversary, mother’s day, father’s day or just because gifts…I mean you can get all of your wooden watches from Jord watch engraved!

Below is a photo of my watch from Jord and I love it, pink is one of my favorite colors. You can pretty much match this watch with numerous styles and outfits because it is a dark pink and not a light pink. If you want my watch click here!

wooden watc

There are plenty of wooden watches on the Jord Website click here for women wooden watches and click here for men wooden watches.

Another cool thing they have on Jord is Apple Watch Bands!! So, it’ll look like your apple watch is a wooden watch! Isn’t that freaking awesome?

Alright, friends if you follow me on Instagram then you know all about the Giveaway with Jord. Yes, Jord is having a GIVEAWAY! So, you all have a chance to get a $100 gift code to use on your new wooden watches from the Jord website. If you do not win the giveaway, no worries, because Jord is offering a consultation code with 10% off once the contest is over.

Wooden Watches

Isn’t that exciting?

To enter the GIVEAWAY click this link below.

So I hope you all loved my My Favorites this Year! They are my must haves and I hope they are yours as well.

Let me know some of your favorites of 2018 so far!

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