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6 Must have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers

This is the first post of the year where I am discussing blogging. And only the third post about blogging on the website. If you’re not a stranger to my blog you know I’m incorporating more blogger friendly post to help my beginning bloggers. Today, we are strictly discussing WordPress plugins for bloggers.

6 Must Have WordPress Plug-Ins

There are so many plugins on WordPress it could be hard to try to figure out the right ones. I don’t have a ton of plugins myself, but after conducting further research, I realized you should not have a lot of plugins because it can cause problems with the overall system of your blog.

I have not been blogging consistently for a full year yet, but I have learned so much it’s crazy! If you are new to blogging or you have been blogging for a while, and you still want to look for ways to advance your blog, and you have to know idea what plugins to use to elevate your blog, this is the post for you. It can get quite overwhelming the whole blogging thing but don’t worry my friends I am here to help you. WordPress plugins for bloggers can be a hard thing to figure out because there are so many to choose from.

How do you figure out which WordPress Plugin is right for you?

I want to share with you my top six WordPress plugins for bloggers! Now, there are more and honestly you can read about 23 awesome plugins right here by a fellow blogger.

What the heck is a Plugin?

I just went into talking about WordPress plugins for bloggers, and I don’t even know if you all know what a plugin is.


A plugin is a piece of software containing a group of functions that can be added to a WordPress website. They can extend functionality or add new features to your WordPress websites. WordPress plugins are written in the PHP programming language and integrate seamlessly with WordPress. (taken from http://www.wpbeginner.com/glossary/plugin/)

Now, that we have what a plugin is out of the way…let’s go into more detail about plugins!

They are incredibly easy to install, but you have to make sure you have the WordPress business plan! It does not work for the personal WordPress account. That was something I did not know, and I had to purchase the Business Plan, but it was worth it. Totally worth it.

6 Must have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers who want to be Successful

Yoast SEO

I finally downloaded this plugin not even six months ago. So, you can say I’m rarely new to the whole plugin situation.

I remember it honestly like it was yesterday, I was trying to nail SEO. I knew every blogger talked about it, so it had to be significant. I was reading a post I found, and they discussed Yoast SEO and how it helped them and how beneficial it is for your blog.

At that time, I didn’t have any plugins because I didn’t even have the business plan on WordPress. So, I was just like why not. I’m trying to grow my blog and improve. This will be my start. And just like that I got the Business Plan of WordPress and started my journey on WordPress plugins for bloggers.

Honestly, Yoast SEO is terrific. I’ve learned so much from it, and I can tell my writing has already improved! It helps you with everything. Your overall content becomes more advanced and ready for the world.

Better Click to Tweet –

Wordpress Plugins for Bloggers

I first noticed this feature on some of my favorite blogger’s website, Kallie, and Erica. I thought to myself omg this an insane feature, and I love it. Now, I will not lie to you; I do not use this feature on all of my posts. Only the ones I find to be informative or EXTREMELY relatable. I never use these in my personal story post.

A fantastic benefit with Better Click to Tweet is that fact that your content is getting shared on another Social Media Site (If your reader shares it) and now you’re reaching an even more prominent audience! That is incredible.

Sumo Me –

Wordpress Plugins for Bloggers

So, I am incredibly late to the Sumo Me fan club, and I am so sad that I am. However, at least I finally made it. Sumo Me is the sidebar sharing buttons that you see on the left side of this page. Also, if you hover over an image, you will see the share icons!

Now the reason why Sumo Me is a part of the fantastic WordPress plugins for Bloggers is that it makes it insanely easy for readers to share your content and that is what we want overall right?

The more shares, the better!

Wordfence Security –

You may not immediately see what this plugin does, but it is what you need behind the scenes. You need extra security on your website to make sure everything remains in place, and it is necessary especially with all of the hackers nowadays.

Vault Press –

This is (yes, another one) security scanning service. More security the better right?

This one is a little different (boy a little I mean a lot), it backs up every post, comment, media file, revision, and dashboard setting. So, yes it is essential to your blog. With this, you are safe from hackers, malware, damage, and host outages.

Contact Form 7 –

Wordpress Plugins for Bloggers

This is really cool for email marketing. As you know, if you read other bloggers you know they are always stressing the importance of an email list. One fantastic and beneficial thing you can do on your blog to help you grow online is this WordPress plugin for bloggers.

It helps you manage multiple contact forms, and you can customize it to fit your best need.

I have two more blogs related post that I am excited for you to read! For SEO click here and for Tips click here, enjoy.


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