Naturally Curly Hair

The Journey of my Naturally Curly Hair

Hey everyone! I am doing something completely different today; I am talking about my naturally curly hair. I have been getting a lot of compliments on it lately and um thank you!! Maybe you have noticed (or not), but I have not been straightening my hair much lately. I have seriously […]


10 Things I learned in College

It is 2018! Isn’t that crazy? Who would have EVER thought that this year would come so quickly? Not me, but you know what…I am excited. This year will be my year. And for all of my college students it is your year too! IT IS THE YEAR TO PROSPER! […]

How to get your Dream Job

How to get your Dream Job

So, you clicked on this blog post, super excited because you are ready to get your dream job! You thought you were going to hear from this super awesome person who has it all together (**side note: I still think I am super awesome). Well, I hate disappointing, but I […]

Best Job to Have in College

Best Job to Have in College

The best job to have in college truly differs from person to person. So, this post may be everywhere. But only because everything is different for everyone, and it all depends on where you are trying to go in your future. So like I said, the best job to have […]

5 Tips for New Bloggers

5 Tips for New Bloggers

I know you are probably thinking, “Hey Terrah? What’s up with these post about blogging…?” I understand it is kinda different from the norm. However, I really want to help my fellow beginner bloggers! If you are looking for my latest blogger post click here. If you want my first […]

Don't Know

7 Things You Don’t Know About Me

Howdy! Hopefully, you all are having a joyous day, and you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. I had an incredible time! Unfortunately, I worked (however, that means I got money, lol), but I had some family come into town, and I loved it! I was thinking the other day, I just […]

SEO from a Beginning Blogger to a Beginning Blogger

I never thought in A MILLION years I would write a post over SEO. It has nothing to do with lifestyle (although, it is a big part of my lifestyle), but here I am. I started blogging seriously for almost a year now, and I can see my growth more […]